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Hi!✨ We are here to support you🔥

At Len & Nyle We advocate for the candidate

As someone who is looking for a new job, it may not be easy. Maybe you don't know the salary range you should ask for, maybe you don't think your CV is making it through. We would be very happy to get in touch and help you with whatever you need, completely free of charge! 😊

What are some of the things you can expect from us?

Job seekers should not be alone. Today's market is the place where the companies don't have the say anymore.

New career heights

Get out of your comfort zone, because the next great opportunity is waiting for you. We're here to guide you and help you get it.

Interview preparation

We'll make sure the interview is not an interrogation, but a conversation. It's about you deciding whether or not you like the role and company.


The job you applied for is not the right match, so what do you think if we look for the role and company where you'd enjoy being part of?

Secure the offer

We'll be there for you, throughout every single step of the whole process, until you finally get the offer you like and deserve.

Contact Address:

If you face any type of problem or have a question, reach out to our support team anytime from anywhere.